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A Lasting Impact

From Threshold's President, David Cole:  In December 2009, Emily and I found ourselves temporarily out of jobs and feeling the weight of student loans. In the midst of this financial situation, we began to sense the Spirit leading us to sponsor another child through Threshold Ministries. 
We had already been sponsoring two boys. One in Threshold's Outreach program, and one at Hope House. Financially, it didn't make a whole lot of sense as we weren't even sure how we would continue to support the boys we already sponsored.  
We began to pray and ask the Lord whether we should do this. The next morning, Tony Campolo was the guest speaker at our church. His message was about how we are to bring the Kingdom of God here on earth. There was a call to complete commitment to serving the poor. God used the timing of this message to answer our prayer and to grow our trust. Our own financial situation didn't seem so dire, at least in comparison to the poverty we knew existed …

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