David Cole's Journey to President of Threshold Ministries

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song."
-Chinese Proverb

"O sing to the LORD a new song, For He has done wonderful things..."
-Psalm 98:1

It is no secret, that God uses Threshold Ministries to change lives. This is not only evident in the lives of the Sponsored children and families in China, it is true of the Donors and Sponsors themselves.  That includes new President, David Cole.

David first learned of Threshold as a senior in High School. Threshold Founder, Cindy Reynolds, came to speak during a Campus meeting.  As he listened to her share about Threshold’s mission, he felt God calling him to join the ministry.  In 2001, at just 17-years-old, David traveled to Linjiang, China for the first time. There, he met children so desperate in need, and saw first hand the open door of hope presented in Threshold’s mission.

In the years that followed, David accompanied Threshold staff on numerous visits to China. God used David’s incredible abilities as an artist to paint murals on the walls of Hope House.

In 2002, David met his future wife, Emily, while studying art at Biola University. Emily is the daughter of a missionary, and grew up overseas with her family.  When they decided to wed, David asked Emily if she’d be open to God’s call to China, or another country, if He put it on their hearts to go.  She, like David, knew she would.

David and Hu Yue
Emily and Hu Yue
In 2012, David brought Emily with him, on his visit to Hope House.  It was on that trip, the couple met the little girl, Hu Yue, they had been sponsoring through Threshold. The pair fell in love with Hu Yue. God began to put adoption on both Emily’s and David’s heart. They agreed to look into the possibility of formally adding Hu Yue to their new family. However, they were crushed when they learned it was impossible, due to the current Chinese laws.

When they returned home, David and Emily still felt strongly that God was leading them to adopt a child. They began the process of becoming foster parents, with the intention to adopt. In 2014, God brought them a baby boy, Amir. That same year, Emily became pregnant with a son.

David, Emily, Amir and baby bump Evan
The plan to adopt Amir ended in heartbreak after eleven months, when the court decided to move the young boy to live with a relative out of state, who requested he have no contact with his foster parents. In the midst of mending their broken hearts, David
and Emily found joy in their son, Evan.  

Meanwhile, they agreed to continue their committment to foster-to-adopt. In 2015, they got a call about a newborn, in need of foster parents. Despite knowing it could once again end in sorrow, the couple agreed to care for the infant. After nearly two years of home visits and court battles, David and Emily officially added their son Isaac to the family.

Isaac helps sign adoption papers
In the meantime, David pursued his lifelong dream career as an artist for Disney. He achieved that dream, and worked happily in the entertainment industry for over a decade, but he couldn’t ignore God’s gentle pull on his heart. David always felt his true calling involved Threshold and the children  in Linjiang.

Prior to joining Threshold as a staff member, David served on Threshold’s Board of Directors for two years. He began helping to redesign the website, newsletter, and other print material. After much discussion and prayer, Cindy, Dean, and David agreed it was time to start a new chapter at Threshold.  David left his job at Disney in the Spring of 2019.

When Cindy and Dean decided to retire, the Threshold board unanimously voted David as President of the non-profit.  David is excited about the future of the ministry and what God is speaking to him.

David, Isaac, Evan and Emily
David lives in Los Angeles with his beautiful wife, 2 active boys (ages 3 and 4) and two scrappy dogs.


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